Annual Flower Gardening

  • Growing Annual Flowers from Seed
    Learn how to grow ๐ŸŒธ beautiful annual flowers from seed and create a vibrant garden. Get tips and tricks for successful gardening!
  • How to Grow Sweet Peas from Seed
    With their fragrant flowers and large, easy-to-germinate seeds, sweet peas are fun and EASY to grow!
  • Growing Tuberous Begonias
    With up to 8-inch, showy flowers that bloom from summer to fall, tuberous begonias provide all-season color in even the shadiest corners of the garden.
  • How to Grow Coleus
    From bold burgundy to lush lime green and in just about every shade in between, coleus is all about foliage.
  • How to Grow Nasturtiums from Seed
    Nasturtiums are among the easiest flowers to grow from seed! Their cheerful orange, gold, and burgundy blooms are also edible, making them a garden must-have.
  • Grow Geraniums from Seed
    Learn how to grow beautiful geraniums from seed! ๐ŸŒฑ๐ŸŒธ Discover the secrets of successful germination and nurture your own vibrant garden.
  • Annual Flowers Bring Late Summer Color
    In the garden, perennials reign from May to mid-July, but annuals are the key to ensuring late-season color.
  • How to Grow Annual Flowers
    Annuals bring forth a burst of color, form, and texture to just about anywhere in the garden. We show you how to grow and design with annual flowers.
  • Jennifer’s Journal: Planting for Privacy
    Check out Jennifer's journal to discover her expert techniques for planting for privacy. Read the article on the Gardener's Supply blog.