Terrariums & Succulents

  • Propagating Succulents
    Grow more of what you love! Watch and learn how to turn one of your succulent plants into many.
  • How to Plant a Terrarium
    Learn how to create a colorful indoor garden in this step-by-step guide. In less than an hour, you can plant a terrarium.
  • Watch: Terrarium Idea Book
    Fun to plant and simple to maintain, terrariums are a stylish start for a tabletop oasis.This slideshow will get you inspired.
  • Growing Succulents in Containers
    For a great new look in container gardens, think succulents! These fleshy-leaved plants thrive in the simplest of pots and their distinctive shapes and colors provide endless opportunities for creativity.
  • Our Favorite Ways to Display Succulents
    From hanging baskets to terracotta towers, explore creative ways to pot up succulents. Get inspired!